ACM Investor Services welcomes broker referrals. It only takes a few minutes to run a scenario by us, and you may be surprised by what we can do.

Some common private money scenarios:

  • Borrowers who don’t qualify with a conventional lender, because of credit challenges, length of employment, income, assets, number of properties financed, etc.
  • Properties under construction, land being prepped for development
  • Situations where the borrower has to collateralize more than one property
  • The borrower is a corporation, an irrevocable trust, a foreign national, or an estate
Richard and his team at ACM recently provided stellar service for our client’s cash-out refinance. The scenario was rather tricky, involving a recently established corporation (no income) to which the subject property had just been added as an asset. Our appraisal did not evidence the shining gem we’d been promised and Richard still managed to accommodate our borrower with a fast funding. All parties involved were thrilled and I highly recommend this private funding source.
— Nicholas B., a mortgage broker in San Rafael

I have been working with ACM for over ten years. Every real estate agent needs to have a good private money lender in the toolkit, and ACM is the best. It is amazing that in a time when mortgage lending can be such a hurdle that ACM can step in, save a transaction, and close in days
not weeks.
— Carol A., a realtor in Marin County